The Datsun B210 Honey Bee (in North America) which was also released as the Datsun SSS (Australia & New Zealand) was one of the most rare Nissan Sunny B-Series automobiles. Very limited production has made these cars collectible for Datsun enthusiasts; despite being very similar to standard Datsun B210s.

Datsun B210 Honey Bee

Differences between Honeybee and standard Datsun B210s

  1. A completely vinyl interior with no carpet
  2. Ultra rare dog-dish hubcap
  3. Available only in Four (4) Speed Manual Transmission
  4. Side Stripe with Honey Bee printed near rear wheel
  5. Bee decal behind front rear wheel

Only two (2) door sedan body styles were made in the limited edition Honey Bee trim. Honey Bee were available in light Yellow, Sunshine Yellow, White and Brown colors. Displayed below is a photo gallery of the Honey Bee.


Datsun B210 Photo Gallery

Click on images for full size render.  These are a few photos from around the web.  None of those photos are owned by – all rights reserved by respective owners.


Datsun B210 Honey Bee Pictures (Old Gallery)


yellow honey bee with black background
Yellow Honey Bee
honey bee stripe
Closeup on “Honey Bee” in Stripe
honey bee promo ad
Promo Ad Cover
honey bee spec sheet
Classic Spec Sheet
old parked honey bee
Honey Bee Parked
mpg flyer
MPG Honey Bee Flyer
1977 Honey Bee
1977 Honey Bee
bee decal
Bee Decal
honey bee classic
Honey Bee Classic
dog-dish hub cap
Dog-dish Hub Cap



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  1. I have a 76 honey bee. My grandfather bought it new and didn’t get to drive it much. It is 100% original and has 6667 miles on it. If I can figure out how to submit a pic, I will.

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