You have reached our Datsun B-210 parts hub.  You will find links to where you can find new parts and accessories along with direct access to the used parts section of our site.  Also listed below is a general parts catalog from our previous site build.

Datsun B210 Parts For Sale:  Since the initial launch of this site we have developed a dedicated parts section.  This includes private owner ads submitted directly to this site.  It also includes some ads cherry picked by us from both Craigslist and eBay.  These are for reference purposes and can include both used OEM parts and new aftermarket accessories.

See our Parts For Sale classifieds section.

If you have any specific parts you would like to list here please use the List Your Datsun B210 page and note in the comments you are selling parts or accessories only.


Datsun B210 Parts on eBay

You can search for Datsun B210 Parts on eBay.  to go directly to the listings page or you can browse by popular auctions below.


3rd Party Parts Sellers

Third party sellers of new Datsun B-210 parts can be somewhat difficult to find.  Check out our Resources page for links to other sites that may have what you are looking for.  If you have any specific parts resellers you would like to see listed here, let us know in the comments section below.


General B210 Parts Catalog

datsun b210 wagon parts

Wagon Parts


datsun b210 engine

Engine / Motor


Datsun B210 Name Badges

Used OEM Parts


Datsun B210 Grille



datsun b210 performance parts

Performance Parts


1978 b210 ball joints

Suspension Upgrades


Datsun B210 Original Spoke Wheel



b210 hatchback coupe parts

Hatchback Parts


datsun 210 transmission



Datsun B210 Ignition Switch

Aftermarket Parts


B210 Steering Wheel

Interior / Trim


datsun b210 racing

Racing Parts





restoration parts

Restoration Parts


  1. I am looking for a rear transmission case for a B210 five speed. My internals are all good but my rear trans case is broken. IF you have one let me know ..

  2. Good morning I am looking for silver moldings of the front windshield and the rear window of a 1975 Datsun 120Y with chassis LB210646980

    • Do you still have the engine/transmission for the B210. If so, what year?, is the tranny a 5 speed? What’s your location? What price range?

  3. Need left side doors for datsun 140y 1981, I anyone knows where I might find or has any. Please let me know.

  4. I need the aluminum fan spacer it has 4 holes its 1inch fits the B210 fan 4 blade
    To get extra space for the sanden compressor refitted place of the smog pump to get fan clearance for the clutch .
    Universal spacers won’t fit waterpump piglet

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